tisdag 25 februari 2014

From the ashes of Ragnarok

I made an illustration for the novel "Ur Ragnaröks Aska" (From the ashes of Ragnarok) by Jörgen Karlsson.
You can read chapters from the book here: and see the illustration and read Jörgen's thoughts here:
Note that the page is in swedish.

And for all you lazy buggers out there, my illustration will be posted here on my blog as well. All for your convenience.


söndag 23 februari 2014

Master sweep jubilee

A few months back I got this commission to make a painting of a local Master Chimney sweeper for his ten year anniversary. So after a long wait I can finally post it here. His near and dear ones threw him a party and handed him the painting yesterday. It was a success!

I tip my hat to you, wishing you many more years in the business to come.

onsdag 12 februari 2014

What's the word? Angry Bird!

When my little boy was about to turn six, he wanted me to make him a special birthday cake. Every time we spoke about it, he changed his mind about it's appearance. When we had reached around seven different types of cakes I had to step in and make the decision for him... Angry Birds! And no, not the women that get angry when you try to pick them up at the local watering hole, we're talking about the world phenomena game developed by Rovio Entertainment Ltd.

Ok, I admit that I went a little overboard on this one. I stopped at Two pig-cakes and around twenty chocolate balls draped with Angry Bird and Pig suits of marzipan.

So Rovio, when it's time for your anniversary, give me a call. Ok?