lördag 6 november 2021

Character portraits

Here´s five RPG characters as they appear in De Övergivnas Armé´s actual play podcast Väktarens Vrede (Wrath of the warden) for Symbaroum

onsdag 23 september 2020

You can´t win them all

 This illustration was meant to be the cover of a comic. Things happened and we ended up agreeing och disagree. But hey, you can't win  them all. At least it's all mine, it's att good and posted here for you guys to enjoy.

tisdag 15 september 2020

RPG Characters and Logotype

 Four RPG characters as they appear in De Övergivnas Armé´s actual play podcast Handelsfursten, and their logotype. 

måndag 18 maj 2020

The wolf folk of Vulferveden

The wild-wood Vulferveden on Trinsmyra dwells the most feard of the half-folks in Trakorien. The wolf folk or wolf men. Known for their strict social rules and aptitude for berserker rage

This illustration is a remake of the wolfman that I made for the RPG Svavelvinter and Fria Ligan (Free league publishing) a couple of years ago. This new illustration is more accurate to what the writer Erik Granström imagined them to be in his novels. 

söndag 22 september 2019

tisdag 9 oktober 2018


I just realized that this little dragon never got posted in this blog. The history behind it derive from one of my sons old dinosaur toys. One day I kind of looked at it and realized that the prehistoric two-legged carnivore in my child's toybox would make a pretty cool dragon. So I sat down and this dragon sprung to life. 

lördag 25 augusti 2018

Karl Kämpe the adventurer

The third comic about Karl Kämpe the adventurer is out and up for grabs at the Dunderdagar/Karl Kämpe webstore. This means that I can reveal my contribution. This time I’ve depicted Karl and his companion and mentor Martin von Kronsdorf.