söndag 8 december 2013

Application sketches

I was browsing thru the folders on my desktop the other day and found a pair of sketches for a job application a few years back.
I landed the job, a couple of children's bedtime stories illustrations, but as far as I know they ended up unused.
The publisher is probably not still in business and the illustrations collects cyberdust, but I think it's high time for the application sketches to enter the scene. I post far too few sketches...

onsdag 11 september 2013

Bake my day!

When I can't find the time to illustrate and paint I have to come up with other ways to channel my creativity. One thing that I found suprisingly fun was making birthday cakes for my kids. It's not only appealing for your gums and sweet-tooth, it can be a joy for the eyes as well.
I'm not a professional baker in any way, all is done at home in my kitchen, but if you're not all thumbs when it comes to the edible "arts" you can do it. Just allow yourself to have fun and plan ahead, because it takes a lot of time, at least for me. That's why I only do it a couple of times every year.

måndag 27 maj 2013


Here´s a commission that I made some time ago. It´s a little different  from my normal work, but hey, varietas delectat: Variety is the spice of life, especially when it comes to art and culture.

tisdag 7 maj 2013

Logen Ninefingers aka The Bloody-Nine

Some time ago I read Joe Abercrombie's The First law trilogy followed by Best served cold, The Heroes and Red Country. These books are, hands down, some of the best fantasy novels around. I could not put them down. Hard and gritty dark fantasy. So very totally cool!

I don't know if Mr. Abercrombie is writing more books, set in the world of The First Law, but I really truly hope so.

When you read a book, or a story, you always paint up your own image of what characters look like. Mine, as many others, favourite character from Abercrombie's books is Logen Ninefingers. I looked around on the internet for paintings for Ninefingers but I couldn't find a pic that fit my image of him. So I had to sit down and make my own. So here it comes. My first "fanart" in many a year. My version of Logen Ninefingers aka The Bloody-Nine.

fredag 1 februari 2013

Golden Gnome winner

 The readers and visitors of www.boningen.org have appointed me the 2012 illustrator of the year winner!  I'm now a very proud (and hopefully, very humble) Golden Gnome winner. You'll find the results from the vote here.
I would also like to congratulate the other winners; Fria Ligan and Tove Gillbring.  Well deserved guys!

Last but not least, I wish to thank all the people who voted for me. Hat's off to you!
Now I have to go and savour the moment.

Thanks again!

onsdag 9 januari 2013

Hero of the year

I just found out I'm one out of four nominees for the Golden Gnome Award: Hero of the year - Illustrator (2012) because of my artwork for the swedish role-playing game "Svavelvinter" during 2012. http://www.boningen.org/archives/rollspel/arets-hjaltar-illustratorer

I'm truly honoured and really proud for this nomination and attention, and glad that I can contribute to the swedish role-playing game culture.