måndag 27 september 2010

RPG Cover

I can finally reveal the cover illustration I made for En Gardé! 3rd ED´s "Dungeon master´s guide" after it´s appearance in the latest Fenix magazine (#5, 2010) The book is called "Furstarnas tid"

fredag 23 juli 2010

En Garde!-Beta

As you know I´m doing some illustrations for En Garde! 3rd ed, and as a matter of fact, that product is now out in Beta-version. An article in tha latest Fenix magazine writes about it and it features two of my illustrations. The one posted here´s one of them.


måndag 31 maj 2010

Fenix #3 2010

This picture is featured (somewhat cropped) in Fenix magazine Nr:3 2010 in an article regarding mystical and mysterious boardgames.

söndag 23 maj 2010

Tribute (Celebration II)

The 16th of may my dear father turned 60. Yesterday (may the 22:nd) I finally got the time to go and spend time at my old stomping ground with my family and celebrate my father. One of my gifts to him was this painting portraying him in a fantasy manner. Sprung from an ordinary background with an ordinary upbringing and occupation he inspired me during my own toddler-years and adolescence and was (and still is) my peronal hero. To me ha can do anything and overcome any obstacle. A true hero, both in fantasy and real life.

söndag 11 april 2010


One of my absolute closest and dearest friends is about to turn thirty, and last night we (me and my familiy) participated in a celebration in her honour.

Our gift to her was the digital painting of her posted above. It is done in photoshop with an Intuos 3 Wacom tablet and then printed on canvas. Posting the painting on my blog and the www is another way of celebrating her and our friendship.

fredag 26 mars 2010

Personal hell

Here´s an illustration that appears in the latest number of Fenix (Nr 2 , 2010) Go order it NOW! (at http://www.speltidningen.se/)

måndag 1 mars 2010


Well, It´s been a few hectic weeks on the family front and I finally completed one more illustration for Mindless Gaming's En Garde! 3:rd ED. Hopefully I'll get things rolling again really soon...

måndag 8 februari 2010

Where the water lilies grow

Here´s an illustration that I completed just a week ago after a one day deadline from my friends at Gillbring Grafisk Design HB in Stockholm. The illustration is to appear in an educational book/pamplet/booklet under the section of peoples valuations and fundamental standards.