måndag 27 maj 2013


Here´s a commission that I made some time ago. It´s a little different  from my normal work, but hey, varietas delectat: Variety is the spice of life, especially when it comes to art and culture.

tisdag 7 maj 2013

Logen Ninefingers aka The Bloody-Nine

Some time ago I read Joe Abercrombie's The First law trilogy followed by Best served cold, The Heroes and Red Country. These books are, hands down, some of the best fantasy novels around. I could not put them down. Hard and gritty dark fantasy. So very totally cool!

I don't know if Mr. Abercrombie is writing more books, set in the world of The First Law, but I really truly hope so.

When you read a book, or a story, you always paint up your own image of what characters look like. Mine, as many others, favourite character from Abercrombie's books is Logen Ninefingers. I looked around on the internet for paintings for Ninefingers but I couldn't find a pic that fit my image of him. So I had to sit down and make my own. So here it comes. My first "fanart" in many a year. My version of Logen Ninefingers aka The Bloody-Nine.